Dr. Edward Bach was a British doctor, bacteriologist, and immunologist. In the 1930s, Bach developed a healing system consisting of 38 flower essences made from blossoming trees and plants.  Each essence deals with a particular emotional state or personality aspect that he felt made up the human condition. They were designed to help a person balance a specific mood or emotion. Since Bach believed illness occurs when the mind and body aren't in tune with each other, his thought was that if we could be happy within ourselves, we would be in harmony with mind and body.

What are Bach Flower Essences?

Bach Flower essences are a natural, energetic solution that helps raise your vibration and balance your emotions so you can feel your best.  They work through the various human energy fields.  Often referred to as "vibrational", when you use the essence, your energetic field, or aura, receives the essence of the flower. The essences gently restore the balance between mind and body and stimulate positive feelings within us.